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MAPI-L: MAPI Developers Forum

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MAPI-L is an open, unmoderated give-and-take forum for Microsoft Mail API Developers.

Available by free subscription from LISTSERV@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM.


The notebook archives of the MAPI-L list are open to anyone to view and search.

Subscribing, Unsubscribing and Posting

You can subscribe to the list, sign off, or change your subscription options through a web form or via E-mail.

To subscribe to the list via E-mail, send E-mail to


With the following in the body of the message (the message subject will be ignored):

SUBSCRIBE MAPI-L Firstname Lastname

Where Firstname and Lastname are your first and last names.

Whether you subscribe through the web form or by E-mail, LISTSERV® will send you a message asking you to confirm your subscription request. You need to reply to this with the single word "OK" (without quotes) in the body of the message, and the subject unchanged. The subject contains information that LISTSERV® needs to process your subscription.

Once you are completely subscribed, you can post messages to the list by sending E-mail to:


or follow the link from many of these web archive pages to post to the list.

To leave the list, you can either use the web form referenced above, or send E-mail to


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Do not type your name after the SIGNOFF MAPI-L command!

To learn about all the commands available to you as a list subscriber (including subscribing, unsubscribing, and setting subscription options such as DIGEST), take a look at the LISTSERV General User's Guide.

Please pay particular attention to the sections on How To Send Mail To A List and How To Deal With Rude People.

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Additional information

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